Trial Team: Crystal Deodorant

If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit of a green-clean-freak.

Whole foods, organic produce, make-it-from-scratch meals… you’re in! But, if you’re anything like me, the words “natural deodorant” are enough to have you sweating so much that you’re already reaching for your chemical-laden supermarket roll-on.

I’ve been toying with the idea of going more natural in my Deo and house cleaning life for a long time. I hover by the tea-tree roll-ons, hoping that a friendly hipster might just drop the line “Natural Deodorant? Why, you just HAVE to try it, it’s the best thing I’ve ever treated my armpits to!”. So far, that’s never happened.

Anyway, I mentioned to my sister that I was considering it… and so a brand new crystal deodorant turned up on my doorstep for my Birthday and I’m telling you “you just HAVE to try it – it’s the best thing I’ve ever treated my armpits to!” Disclaimer: I’ve never really treated my armpits to much before. Take that as you will.

How to use organic, natural Crystal Deodorants:

  • With still-damp armpits, swipe across skin more than you would your usual deodorant (I like to count to 20 per pit. Swipes, not seconds.).
  • Leave to dry.
  • Leave the house.

The unusual part is that you still sweat. Which is a natural function, after all!

The genius part is that you don’t smell. And it’s much healthier for you than chemically, heavy-metally products.

Coming into summer I’m going to revisit the results… stay tuned!



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