Speed-Round Weights

Get Pumping with Weight Training for Clearer Skin!

Think weights are just for body builders? Think again!

Resistance training is brilliant for building lean muscle (more Elle McPherson, less Arnold Schwarzenegger!). Plus muscle holds a lot more water than fat, meaning fewer toxins in the body, and fewer toxins to make their way onto your skin. #winwin

Grab some weights (these are 1.5kgs each) or a couple of cans of beans from the pantry (I know you’re stocked with good protein, right?!) and get going with this mini-workout. 5 rounds please:

  • Overhead Press x16. Start with hands in line with your shoulders, fingers facing out. Push up into the air until arms are fully extended. Pull down again. Articulate the push & pull to get the full benefit.
  • Alternate Bicep Curls x16 (left arm, then right arm). Again, fully extend the arm and articulate the extension and contraction with each curl. Keep the non-moving arm extended if you can!
  • Front of Body Criss-Cross x32. Hold both arms straight out in front of your body with palms facing down (still holding the weights!). Cross right hand over left, then left hand over right. That counts as 1 round. 31 to go!
  • Speedy Front Punches x50. This is the Rocky VIII move! Hold on tight to your weights, bounce a little from leg to leg and punch it out in front of your body. Quick as you can! Keep your abs engaged and your butt muscles turned on to support your lower back.

Repeat the above x5 aaaaaand you’re done!

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