Sneaky Fitness

Workout While Nobody’s Watching To Control Your Acne & Get Skin Glowing!

Others call it ‘Incidental Exercise’. I call it ‘Sneaky Fitness’ because it sounds more FUN and that’s what life’s all about. Whatever you call it, this post is all about how you can build more movement into your day, helping to strengthen your body, eliminate toxins and get your skin glowing!

Here’s the list of what I do when nobody’s watching:

  • Plie’s whilst brushing my teeth. Take them in a wide second or in first position. Whichever way, it’s 4 minutes of leg strength training per day that you wouldn’t normally get!
  • Squats before going to the loo. I try to knock out 5-10 before I sit down every time I go during the day. It all adds up!
  • Lunges whilst walking into different rooms. Bonus points if you happen to be carrying the washing! NB. This really only works at home when nobody can actually see you. You look like a weirdo doing it at work.
  • Walk to do the grocery shopping and do some lifting of the (canvas tote, of course) bags on the way back. If you live too far from the shops/ farmers market, park your car in the furthest spot away, not the closest one which we all usually strive for!
  • Lift tins or jars before cooking. A few bicep curls every now and then will help to build long, lean muscles.
  • Arm Weights. I wear them when I’m walking to work and it really helps to strengthen my arms when the walking is more about my legs (plus some cardio when I’m heading up the hills).
  • Kegels in the shower. I know this one isn’t really about fitness but it is good for your pelvic floor and it is sneaky. If you do kegels everyday in the shower, you’ll find it harder to forget them. Build a habit!

I’m constantly discovering more Sneaky Fitness routines to get my body moving and skin glowing. Comment below if you have some of your own to add!

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