Seated workout… for when you’re injured

So I broke a toe… which wouldn’t be so bad except my skin relies on my being able to keep fit to filter toxins and get my skin glowing.  So I devised a little seated workout that draws on my Xtend Barre training, but doesn’t require me to be (literally) on my toes. If you’re in the same boat or just feeling like you need a new home workout, see below!


Seated on your chair, take 4 deep breaths. Reach arms down to the floor whilst breathing in and stretch back up to the ceiling circling arms around a wide arc as you breathe out. This prepares your body and gets you ready to MOVE!

ARMS (with or without weights)

Arm Lifts

To maintain balance, avoid further injury and to get a core workout throughout, keep your back straight and abs “on” (it feels like you’re doing a Kegel with your stomach!). Start with arms underneath the knees, with a slight bend in the elbows.

Lift arms to the side of the body, straightening the elbows as you raise. Then return your hands underneath your knees with a slight bend at the elbows. Repeat x24 reps.

Hold arms out just below and just wider than the shoulders, palms facing up. Bicep curl in x24 reps.

Hold the curl and split your arms to open out to either side (maintaining the curl at all times), rotating your wrists so that palms face out. Bring the shape back into centre and rotate wrists so palms face each other. Repeat x24 reps.

Bring the arms up into a high V shape, palms facing outwards. Sweep arms in at the top, bringing the palms to face each other and stopping the movement just before they meet in the middle (high 5th to those who know ballet lingo). Repeat x16 reps.

Bend forward on the chair, maintaining a straight back and keep abs off the thighs. Repeat the first move, bringing your hands under your knees and then lifting to straighten arms at the side. Repeat x24 reps.

Push Ups

To finish the arm section, carefully make your way to the floor, on your knees to protect your foot/ the injury. Spread knees as wide as your mat and bring your toes together, floating off the floor. Your back should be long and straight, your abs switched on and your butt squeezed to workout those glutes!

Hands come under shoulders with fingers facing inwards then bend elbows to lower to the floor, maintaining a straight back throughout the movement, don’t sink into the shoulders. Take 8 single count lower & lifts before holding as low as you can for 8 counts. Take 8 tiny pulses then return to single counts again for 8.

Stretch back slowly and carefully (it doesn’t look graceful with the boot!) to stretch the arms. Repeat up to 3 times.


Sit Ups

If you’ve had your abs “on” for the previous sections, they should already be feeling good!

Rest your legs on the chair with your thighs parallel to the chair legs. Hands clasp behind your head with thumbs running down the neck to support. Breathe out and lift up from the abs. By now your shoulders should be lifted off the floor. Lower back down. Repeat x16 times slowly.

Hold at your highest point and take 8 pulses up. Come back to the starting position and then reach across the left hand side of the body with the right arm x8 reps. Hold at the top and pulse up x8 to the left. Repeat for the other side. Repeat up to 3 times.


Leg Lifts

Come down to the mat, rolled onto 1 side. Make yourself into a zigzag shape with your thighs at right angles to your torso. Stack your legs one on top of the other and place your hand on your hip. Try to use your obliques to lift your waist up and away from the mat during this exercise.

Lift your top leg up & then lower it again, maintaining the shape x16 reps slow. Hold the leg at the top for 8 counts. Repeat x2.

Bring the bottom toe up to meet the top and hover both off the ground. “Clamshell” your knees together and squeeze back open. Repeat x16 slow with an accent on lifting up. Repeat x16 with the accent on squeezing the knees together. Carefully lower the legs and repeat on the other side.

Remember to have a good stretch at the end to ensure you’ve properly cooled down.

Enjoy the feeling of having exercised despite an injury – nothing can stop you!






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