Night Skin Routines – 2 reasons you need one NOW.

Nighttime Skincare: Could It Cure Your Acne?

So you know you should remove your makeup before bed but what else matters and how long is this gonna take (come on, today was exhausting enough!)?

  1. Your skin is like a sponge for dust & dirt. That means: always cleanse skin before bed. Not only do you probably have makeup on your skin, but you’ll have picked up a LOT of gunk during the day. Did you know that dust and pollution particles can be 20 times smaller than your pores and follicles? That means 20 particles could fit into each pore of your skin. I double cleanse to make doubly-sure my skin is clean: Update! Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm (this one is so much easier to use than the oil!) followed by Murad Essential-C Cleanser. Dirt: be gone!

  2. Your skin repairs itself while you sleep. That means: always treat your skin before bed. Serums, essences & other layering products give you most benefit at night when they can be more easily absorbed. I think of it as you saving money (more bang for your buck at night) and saving your skin. For me it has to be hydrating, soothing or something with Retinol to keep my skin cell renewal up and running.

And finally, I add a lightweight hydrator (even touts it as the best amongst 220 options!) & eye cream to seal in my moisture and protect my skin from the dust flying around my bedroom whilst I sleep (plus a slick of EyEnvy (which is THE best eye lash serum known to woman) to get my lashes longer-than-long.

All up it’ll take you 3 minutes to follow the above routine. Guaranteed your teeth will take you longer (ugh, flossing!).

>>3 times a week, I also micro-needle before bed. After cleansing, after my serum and before my moisturiser. More to come on this but it’s been a life-saver for my skin.

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