Happy, healthy days ahead: Bring on 2018!

Let me guess… Your house is full of Christmas stuff (and potentially people!), your belly is full of festive food and your inbox is full of emails. Am I close?

Before the overwhelm hits breaking point, take a moment right now to think back through 2017.

How did you celebrate 1 whole year ago? Who did you choose to spend your evening with? Are they still in your life or have you had a much-needed clear-out?

Did you start a new job? Get a promotion? Pick up a new hobby? Did you make time for the things that truly make you happy? Did you even take the time to discover what those things are?

As we drop into 2018, what will you make a priority in your life? Is it people, your passion project or your purpose that you’ll be dedicating the most time to?

For me, as per usual, my focus will be Food, Fitness and Facecare to keep my skin & sanity in check. In 2017 I discovered that Fitness is much more than just the physical and, as my emotional state impacted my energy levels, hormones and physicality (thanks, Shingles!), I was forced to make the time for ME. The me that’s on the inside.

I choose to #LiveLifeInsideOut – discover what that means through these top posts from 2017. There’s plenty more to come next year!

Have a fabulous celebration when the clock strikes, and an even more fantastic 2018!

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