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Just because sometimes people need to be reminded that Dr Google can’t fix everything. Also, this website is not a medical journal.

DISCLAIMER – Unless otherwise stated, any contributors to this website are not qualified doctors, nutritionists or endocrinologists.

Emma has researched and educated herself in all things PCOS health. She loves to discover what foods are good for her body and to find the latest information regarding curing acne, treating acne, clearing acne and finding new PCOS treatments. Therefore, the website, blog posts and any downloadable content should not be construed as medical opinion or advice.

All results are first-hand results. Please consult your doctor before making a major change to your Food, Fitness or Facecare routines.

Emma doesn’t diagnose any diseases, she merely offers advice that she has found to be helpful on her own journey. She makes no guarantees that following her advice will improve PCOS symptoms or skin health and as such is not responsible for how you use the information presented on the website or in any of the downloadable materials.