Are you getting enough? Your skin is crying out for it!

When it comes to clear skin and happy hormones, there’s one thing you should be getting more of!

…Sleep, people. Are you getting enough?

When you sleep your body switches into repair mode. It heals inside and out, rebuilds cells and repairs barriers.

Ever noticed an improvement in your skin overnight? ¬†Well that’s because your skin is literally better in the morning! Your body has had the time to tend to it without the assault of the outside world and without your internal functions throwing out all sorts of fun things like insulin and cortisol.

Also, your heart rate slows and your brain is allowed deep relaxation. Which in turn leads to happier hormones which help your skin to look, feel and be better.

So next time you’re considering just 1 more episode of GOT, OINB or HOC, step away from the Netflix and instead settle in for 8 hours of skin-saving-sleep.

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