1 Week of Workouts

Say Goodbye to Acne with a Whole Week of Workouts.

Did I mention that I sit behind a computer all day long? No? Well, I do! And I’m sure a lot of you do too. Which means I/ we have a sedentary lifestyle… which is definitely not good for PCOS and its symptoms. Hello, acne!

My desk-job means I choose to get moving outside of work, during work (hello, lunch hour!) or even on my way to & from work. But why is movement so important when you have hormonal issues or PCOS?

The women’s health experts at Jean Hailes recommend that “A healthier lifestyle is considered the first step to managing PCOS. This starts with a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight.”

Exercise is proven to be improve insulin resistance. Even when there’s no change in weight or in body fat. But the exercise you do has to be regular. That means 20-40 minutes of moderate exercise per day. And if you need any more reasons to get moving, even if you don’t have PCOS, here’s what physical activity can do for you:

  • Improve insulin resistance (yes, we’ve already heard that one)
  • Regulate your monthly cycle &/or induce ovulation, improving fertility
  • Induce spontaneous smiling (thanks, Oxytocin!)
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce anxiety levels & improve self-esteem

So that’s why I’m always looking at new ways to get moving every day. Consistency is key because, once you start skipping workouts, it’s easier and easier to slip back into that sofa for good.

Even if you just make it to 5 minutes today, GET MOVING NOW!


I start the week off right by getting up and getting out. I don’t allow myself any excuses so I have my workout gear ready to go by the side of my bed. My alarm usually reminds me “GET OUT OF BED AND RUN” instead of the generic iPhone message.

On Mondays I run. After a quick stretch, I take it slow for the first 5 minutes, jogging to warm up my ligaments and muscles. For the next 15 I alternate a fairly speedy pace (for me that’s 4.5 minute kilometres) and a medium pace (5.5 minute kilometres). For the last 5 minutes, I jog back home before stretching in the shower.


I try to walk my commute to work at least twice a week (sometimes I also walk home). So Tuesdays tend to be a walk day for me. Luckily there are a few decent hills between home and the office so I get some cardio in as well as keeping my body moving.

I walk with a fabulous Salomon backpack and sip from my Camelbak throughout. The 1.5 hour 12.5km walk gives me plenty of time to catch up on my favourite podcasts!


Wellness Wednesdays tend to start with a bit of Yin Yoga which is just as good for the soul as it is for the body. I have my own favourite flow which was devised by my bestie and gets me chilled inside and warmed up outside.

Take 15-20 minutes to slow down your body & your mind today.


This is my second walking commute day. Same as Tuesdays, I just get out of bed and get going.


On Fridays I keep it simple and follow a super simple weights routine, arms only. But don’t be fooled! Although the following is short & sweet, it’ll have you sweating and those muscles will be screaming by round 5!

Click here for the speed-round to stacked arms.

Friday Weights Day


I fell in love with Barre over 3 years ago now and the crush doesn’t seem to be letting up. Thanks to Xtend Barre I have toned arms, a lifted tush and a flatter-than-average stomach. I attend classes 2-3 times per week and, for those times when I’m travelling or just can’t make the class time, I’m signed up to their online programme which gives you access to a number of workout videos. I can’t say the online thing is the best I’ve ever used but it works!


And on Sundays, sometimes I Barre… sometimes I Bar (and have a few too many reds). Everything in moderation, ladies!

If all of the above seems a bit too much to kick start your routine, start simply with getting in 10k Steps per day. Your phone will usually count them for you and just checking in to see how close you are to the final goal is motivation enough. I have been known to walk around the apartment block to get my last few hundred steps in before bed!

So what are you waiting for? Stop scrolling, start squatting!



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