A day on my plate.

A Day On My Plate: AKA What I Eat To Control Acne.

I’m going to start this by saying “I’m only small”! I’m 5’5″ (165cm) and anywhere between 50 and 55kgs (110-120lbs). I also have a fairly sedentary job that sees me sitting behind a computer for the majority of the day. I try to exercise every single day, even if it’s just a stroll in the evening but I’m not constantly on the go.

The following is what I generally eat in a day to keep my little body fuelled. You’ll probably need more if you’re taller, larger, more active or just more hungry. Use this as an ingredients guide more than a diet plan please!


I LOVE to get up and fuel my body with something delicious and nutritious. I have a comparatively large calorie load at breakfast (see note right at the bottom of this blog as to why this is a good thing) which keeps me locked up ’till lunchtime!

My favourite breakfast is Banana Pancakes. They’re super quick and easy to make, plus they’re delicious and very good for me. I have them with 2 eggs and half a squashed banana all for me. The other half banana is sliced and sprinkled on top of the cooked pancake for added fibre intake.

Banana Pancakes

If I don’t have time for making in the morning, I grab 2 pre-boiled eggs, 1/4 of an avocado and 2 corn cakes before I run out the door.

Snack 1:

Inevitably I get a little peckish around 10.30am. Instead of heading to the closest coffee shop for muffins or bacon rolls, I keep a bag of mixed nuts in my drawer and snack on a handful of those. My nuts of choice? Always unsalted & raw: walnuts (great for brain power), almonds, cashews and raw peanuts. If I’m having a sweet-tooth moment, I mix in some raisins. BEWARE! Nuts are high in fat so you really don’t need more than 10 per serving!


I tend to have the same lunch every day which gets boring but means I don’t have to think about healthy choices when I’m at work and surrounded by so many food options (which not only cost my health but also cost the earth!). I go simple and affordable with Avocado, Spinach, Tomatoes and Pine Nuts all piled on top of 2-3 Corn Cakes. Every couple of weeks I go crazy with the food processor on the weekend and make delicious piles of flavoured hummus which make their way to work with me. I consume my hummus with carrot and cucumber sticks as well as lettuce leaves and corn cakes. Yum!

As I mentioned above, I’m not very active during the day at work so I find that I don’t need a huge lunch to keep me fuelled. I use the time more as a break from the computer to switch off, chill out and get my body back to being calm.

Snack 2:

Generally I’m a savoury girl but I DO have a sweet-tooth at around 3PM when my motivation is dipping! This is when preparation is everything and I feel elated every day that I remembered to make Bliss Balls at the weekend. I see a tub of them in the fridge and consume them one-by-one. 3PM has become my favourite time to grab a cup of spearmint tea, a chocolatey treat and 5 minutes of calm before getting back into work.


Again, Bliss Balls are mainly made of nuts which is great for the protein intake and healthy fats, but you need to eat in moderation to stop the scales tipping the wrong way!


By the time I get home I’m usually pretty exhausted! Adding 2 hours of commute to your daily routine can really take it out of you – are you with me!?

That means I’m generally not in the mood to cook a massive meal and just want something tasty and quick to make my tummy happy. My go-to is a salad with heaps of Spinach, Beetroot leaves, Cucumber, Tomatoes and Roasted Veggies (Sweet Potato, Carrot, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Pumpkin, Onion, Garlic…). 2-3 times per week I add meat-based protein to the mix with grass-fed steak, lamb or organic chicken breast/thigh.


I also tend to do cook ups every other Sunday which means, on alternate weeks, I dip into delicious pots of vegetarian chilli (made with lentils & beans), curry, shepherds pie or soups. Whatever I have in the cupboard gets thrown in!

I never have desserts because I really don’t feel the need and my sweet tooth has been satisfied with the Bliss Ball bonanza at 3PM!

So that’s it. Easy, quick, simple. Read on for a top PCOS tip to really get you kick started in the healthy-living stakes.

If you can flip the day on it’s head (so that you eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner), so much the better!

A 2013 study by researchers at Tel Aviv University showed that when women with PCOS consumed their ‘big meal’ at breakfast (nearly 1,000 calories), they experienced an average drop in insulin resistance of 56%, a 50% decrease in testosterone readings and a 50% rise in ovulation rate (shown by a rise in progesterone levels).

If I’d read about this trick before getting my PCOS and associated acne under control, I’d have been straight on this band wagon!







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